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Institute office:
PL 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b)
00014 University of Helsinki

phone +358-(0)9-1911
fax +358-(0)9-191 51598





The research at the Institute has been focused in three major areas: seismic studies of the lithosphere, earthquake research in the Fennoscandian Shield and research of the seismic monitoring methods. These are research fields where the Institute can produce significant scientific contribution due to its human and material resources and geographical location. The first two are also fields, where integration with the efforts of other earth science institutions in Finland enhances the importances of the work. One of the main tasks of the Institute is the seismic monitoring for purposes of national security as well as for Finnish efforts in nuclear disarmament. A successful work in this field also requires active research in seismological monitoring methods.

Research projects

Detection seismology
detection and location of seismic events
identification of earthquakes and explosions
standardisation of earthquake parameters
development of software and equipment

Regional seismicity and seismic hazard
source mechanisms
earthquake parameters
seismic hazard
historical earthquakes

Structure of Lithosphere
refraction seismics
reflection seismics
seismic tomography


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