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Advanced studies of seismology in Nordic countries, NORDSEIS

Universities of Helsinki , Uppsala , Bergen , Aarhus and Iceland have formed a network for higher education in seismology in the Nordic countries. Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Sweden) and University of Akyreir ( Iceland ) have recently joined the network. The purpose of the network is to co-ordinates MSc. and PhD. level studies in seismology, to arrange intensive courses in seismology and to study the possibility of a joint curriculum and to arrange meetings of educational staff within the Nordic universities. The network is co-ordinated from the University of Helsinki (UH).

The seismological units within the Nordic universities have different and often complementary profiles. As the expertise in seismology is spread to several universities of the Nordic countries it has been difficult to attain a broad, up-to-date curriculum at one university. Similarly the students of seismology are also spread around the Nordic universities which results in a small number of students on each advanced courses in seismology at each university. The large spread of both students and teachers has been acknowledged as a problem among the teaching personnel of the participating universities. The network co-ordinates MSc and PhD level studies in seismology, arrange intensive courses in seismology, arranges meetings of educational staff within the network and studies the possibility of a joint curriculum in MSc and PhD- degrees

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The networks are financed by NORDFORSK and NORDPLUS .

The network universities are:
University of Helsinki ,
University of Uppsala ,
The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,
University of Bergen ,
University of Aarhus ,
University of Iceland ,
University of Akureyri Iceland,

Uppsala specializes in earthquake seismology, reflection surveys, and tomography. Bergen in theoretical seismology, earthquake seismology in high risk areas and monitoring seismology, Aarhus specializes in refraction and reflection studies, teleseismic receiver functions and tectonic/geodynamic interpretations and Helsinki in structural studies, nuclear monitoring, tectonic interpretations, Iceland in volcanic and earthquake hasard expertise as well earthquake engineering. University of Iceland specializes in volcanic hasard and geothermal energy problems and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan brings in seismic engineering expertise. Universities of Bergen and Uppsala have a long tradition of educating third world students in seismology.