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NORDSEIS courses


Advanced studies of seismology in Nordic countries, NORDSEIS

teaching under Department of Physical Sciences, Division of Geophysics

lecture series term time A/B next time points ECTS code lecturer
Earthquake seismology spring term B   5   53552 P. Mäntyniemi
Time series analysis spring term B   5   535006 K. Kahma
Tectonics spring term B   5   54026 A. Korja
Geophysical modelling spring term     5   535022 E. Eloranta
Continum mechanics   term     5   535122  
Seismic sounding spring term B   5   53554 P. Heikkinen
Seismic tomography spring term B   5   535036 T. Hyvönen
Seismic monitoring   term B   5   535013 M. Tarvainen
Seismic waves fall term B   5   53556 P. Heikkinen
Magnetic and gravimetric modelling   term     5   535124  
Applied geophysic practics         5   535023  
Gravitational field of the Earth fall term     5   53516 M. Vermeer
Space geodesy spring term     5   535110 M. Poutanen
Geomagnetism fall term B   5   53521 H. Nevanlinna
Geothermics spring term A   5   53565 I. Kukkonen
Solid earth geophysics field observations course fall inten B   8   535045 L. Pesonen




teaching under Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Earth Sciences

lecture series term time A/B next time points ECTS code lecturer
Applied and Environmental Geophysics fall       5   16013  
Global Geophysics fall       5   16004  
Geophysical Data Processing fall       5   16025  
Earthquake Seismology spring ap-jun     5 7.5 66026  
Geodynamics spring jan-ma     5 7.5 66024  
The Earth's gravity and magnetic fields spring       5   66027  
Inversion of Geophysical Data         5      
Rock Physics         5      
Migration of Seismic Data         5      
Applied Seismology         5      
Seismic Imaging spring 5 weeks   5 7.5   C. Juhlin
Introduction to Seismology         5     self study
Fractals spring 5 weeks   5   66032 C. Juhlin
Seismic data Processing spring 5 weeks   5     C. Juhlin


teaching under Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences

lecture series term time A/B  next time points ECTS code lecturer
Applied seismology Fall term     10   GEOF270 Havskov
Processing of earthquake data Fall term     10   GEOF271 Havskov
Theoretical seismology Fall term     10   GEOF272 Hanyga
Seismotectonics Spring term     10   GEOF273 Atakan
Seismic Hazard Spring term     10   GEOF274 Atakan
Seismic instrumentation Spring inten     10   GEOF275 Havskov
Seismic sources and theoretical Spring term     10   GEOF276 Husebye
Inverse theory spring       10   GEOF260 Bruland
Processing of seismic data fall       10   GEOF271 Bruland
Seismic processing methods fall        10   GEOF291 Maeland
Introducion to seismic interpretation fall       10   GEOF292 Hesthammer
Elastic waves spring       10   GEOF293 Jakobsen/Johansen
Reservoir geophysics fall       10   GEOF294 Jakobsen/Johansen
Seismic data 1 fall       10   GEOF163  
Seismic data 2 spring       10   GEOF295 Mjelde/Austegard
Plate tectonics fall       10   GEOF290  
Borehole geophysics fall       10   GEOF296 Johansen
Earthquake engineering   inten           Jakobsen?


teaching under Faculty of Science, Department of Earth Sciences

lecture series term time A/B  next time points ECTS code lecturer
Seismics 1A (applied seismology) Fall       5 5   H. Lykke-Andersen
Seismics 1B (processing) Spring       5 5   B. Holm Jacobsen
Lithospheric dynamics and structure fall       10 10   N. Balling
Geodynamical modeling Spring       10 10   S. B. Nielsen
Geo-Palaeomagnetism Spring         10   N. Abrahamsen
Geophysical Inversion Modeling Spring         10   B. Holm Jacobsen


teaching under Faculty of Science, geophysics

lecture series term time A/B  next time points ECTS code lecturer
Seismology fall       3 6 09.24.53 Páll Einarsson
Continuum Mechanics and Heat Transfer fall       3 6 09.24.54 M. T. Gudmundsson
Physics of the Earth's Interior spring       3 6 09.24.61 Gudmundsson, Einarsson
Geothermal Resources fall   A?   3 6 09.60.53 Stefán Arnórsson
Volcanology spring   A?   4 8 09.68.22 Sigurdur Steinthórsson
Tectonics spring       4 8 09.60.52 Einarsson, Steinthorsson
Current Crustal Movements fall       3 6 09.24.81-006 Páll Einarsson